Apple's New iPads & A Free Cell Phone Plan

Cloaked Calls & AI Checkouts

Rich opens the mailbag to answer listener questions.

Victor asked if Apple will introduce a new iPad Pro this year. Rich says Apple’s Let Loose event on May 7 is expected to unveil new models.

Tish asks if she should use AT&T Internet Air or Spectrum Fiber at 1 gigabit speed.

Michael, who is in Kentucky, asks how to hide his real phone number when signing up for services. Rich mentioned Cloaked, Burner App, T-Mobile DIGITS, Verizon’s Second Number and Google Voice.

Sue asked why she and her significant other’s iPhone accounts seemed intertwined. Rich says to set up separate Apple IDs but link them up using Apple Family Sharing.

Bonnie in Santa Barbara wonders if she should switch from faster to slower internet to save money.

Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, and Jay Carney, who leads public policy, will talk about their new icons offering and more.

Sara in Ventura has mistakenly locked up her phone and can’t access her two-factor authentication codes.

T-Mobile now owns Mint Mobile.

Roku devices will soon have home screen ads.

Kathy in Laguna Niguel wants to know if she should pay to replace the modem on her solar system or connect it using a wired connection.

Sam’s Club is replacing receipt checkers at the exit doors with AI and computer vision to do the job automatically.

Jack Winston, founder of BePresent, discusses how the app can help users use their smartphones less.

John says he’s running out of space on his hard drive and wants to know how to free up storage. Rich mentioned BleachBit and WinDirStat. You could also change the default storage location for documents.

LinkedIn now has three new games: Crossclimb, Pinpoint and Queens.

Brad in Key West says he lost photos on his iPhone during a recent software update. Rich mentioned checking the Recently Deleted album in the Photos App and backing up photos to a third-party service like Amazon Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Photos.

UnitedHealthcare says 1/3 of Americans might be involved in their data breach.

Anthropic releases Claude AI as a free app for iOS.

John in Bakersfield had online banking fraud and needs help.

John Faulkner of Clean Fleet Report will join to give a review of the all-electric Acura ZDX.

Mindtrip.AI is a new way to use AI to plan travel.

The popular Arc web browser is now available on Windows.

Shaka Guide is an app that turns your smartphone into a GPS audio guide for places around Hawaii, national parks and scenic drives.

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Faster Wi-Fi on Planes & What to Do When Your Personal Info Is Leaked

Rich talked about his experience using high-speed Starlink internet on Hawaiian Airlines.

Perry in Glendale needs help with his Outlook. Rich says to check the Spectrum settings here.

Ryan Ozawa, Native Hawaiian tech journalist and publisher of the Hawaii Bulletin, will talk about the startup scene in Hawaii.

Some Apple users were unexpectedly logged out of their accounts, forcing them to reset their passwords to get back in.

Rosemary in Fontana has an issue with her Fire TV stick remote.

President Biden signed a law that forces TikTok to be sold to a U.S. company or face a ban.

Jose in Santa Clara wants to know if he should update his router firmware.

The rumor mill says Samsung’s next Unpacked event will be held in Paris on July 10, 2024.

JR Raphael, tech writer and author of the Android Intelligence newsletter. JR recommended the BuzzKill app for managing Android notifications.

Apple’s next event is set for May 7. The invitation says Let Loose, and it’s expected to focus on new iPads.

Verizon is hiking the price of smartwatch plans by $5 a month starting June 3, 2024.

Rick in San Diego is curious about the security of the permissions apps ask for on your phone.

Diana in Covina asks about password manager recommendations. Rich mentioned iCloud Keychain, Google Password Manager, Bitwarden, Dashlane and 1Password.

The YouTube App is taking over Apple’s TV’s default slideshow; here’s how to fix that.

Have you seen the keyboard memes going around on Twitter?

Troy Hunt, creator of, will discuss what to do when your personal information is exposed in a data breach.

Rabbit R1 reviews are in and they’re slightly better than the Humane AI Pin.

BBB says to be aware of a new text message scam that asks you to pay for a toll road.

The FTC is sending Ring settlement payments to people via PayPal.

LocalSend is an easy way to exchange files over your network and supports various platforms. SnapDrop is a web-based alternative.

Noel in Escondido mentioned some of his favorite flight apps, including FlightRadar24, RadarBox, FlightAware, and Flighty.

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Self-Driving Cars & Dark Web Privacy Protection Tips

Rich discusses the current state of self-driving and autonomous cars.

Rick in Manhattan Beach wants a way to get music onto his iPod Shuffle. Rich recommended WALTR Pro. On Windows, try CopyTrans Manager.

China has ordered Apple to remove WhatsApp, Threads, Signal and Telegram from the App Store.

Laura Mae Martin, Google’s Executive Productivity Advisor and author Uptime: A Practical Guide to Personal Productivity and Wellbeing.

Angie in Los Angeles has a laptop with a virus and wants to bring it to a store for help. Rich recommends uBreakiFix or search Yelp for “computer repair.”

Samsung overtook Apple for the top spot in smartphone sales in Q1 2024.

Airchat is the hot new social media network. Think Twitter but with voice messages that are transcribed so you can see and hear what people say.

Adam in Orlando is curious about searching for his personal information on the Dark Web. Resources mentioned: Google One Dark Web report, Google Results About You, Keeper Security Dark Web Scan, Aura Dark Web Scan (great results) and (try this first!)

Rich also mentioned DuckDuckGo email protection and cloaked email addresses.

Netflix now has nearly 270 million subscribers.

Gus in Moreno Valley, CA says Google Chrome disappeared from his computer. Rich says to make sure your Sync is turned on and you can always reinstall to recover your bookmarks, extensions and settings.

Dan O’Dowd of The Dawn Project explains why Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software isn’t ready for the streets.

William in Chino says his church livestream buffers when Netflix and YouTube work fine.

Bill in Santa Monica shares a story about MobileX and Walmart.

Edward in Tampa wants to know if he should buy a new iPhone SE now or wait for the new one. Rich recommends checking the MacRumors Buyers Guide.

Meta AI launches in a big way in the search bar in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. Rich recommends trying out the instant AI image generator called Imagine.

Samsung is bringing Galaxy AI features to older devices, including the S22 series, Fold 4, Flip 4, and Tab S8. The update will roll out in early May.

Rick in Thousand Oaks wants to know how to tell which carrier signal is best at a certain address. Rich mentioned the OpenSignal App, CellMapper, and RootMetrics.

Logitech is launching a mouse with a dedicated ChatGPT button.

Rosie Okumura, voice actor and content creator, will talk about her viral videos that prank scam callers to waste their time and offer tips on how to stay safe.

Amazon is

Protecting Your Job From Automation & Amazing AI Voice Notes App

Rich discusses how we are automating jobs out of existence and the secret to keeping yours.

Chuck, in Pasadena, visited a robot that made a burger chain called Cali Express. Here’s my original video on Flippy, the burger-flipping robot.

The Roku hack is worse than expected. The company says it has affected more than 500,000 accounts.

Dave Malkoff, a CBS News reporter, talks about reporting on the Total Eclipse. He recommended two apps, FlightRadar24 and RadarScope, for live weather radars.

Udio is a new AI songmaker that’s getting a lot of buzz.

Michelle, in Encinitas, CA, wants to know how her ex-husband was able to take over her email account.

If you have an LG TV, you should check for a firmware update to patch a security vulnerability.

Jerry in Pennsylvania wants to know why he can log into his account on one machine but not another.

Virginia in Utica, NY, wants to know if she should still use AOL email or switch to Gmail. Rich mentioned a Gmail hack, a website called 10 Minute Mail for temporary email addresses, and for instructions on deleting old accounts.

Meta is introducing new tools to combat sextortion by blurring out nude images in DM’s by default on teen accounts.

John in Rosemead is looking for a great business card scanning app. Rich says he hasn’t found a good one yet. Popular options are Covve, CardHQ and Evernote. Rich’s recommendation: use the OCR function built into the photo app on iOS and Android and copy and paste the info into your contacts.

Belkin CEO Steven Malony on innovation, careers, and sustainability in the tech space. Plus, Alisa Sommer O'Hara of Google discusses following your curiosity for a tech job.

Christina in Long Beach wants to save a voicemail. Visual Voicemail allows you to export the audio file on iOS and Android.

Sam in Sherman Oaks wants to know which antenna to get for over-the-air channels. Rich recommends checking out the website

Ben has a 10-year-old MacBook and wants to replace it.

Carlos in Downey wants a way to sync his iPhone photos to his computer. Rich recommends Image Capture.

Terry in Seal Beach is curious about using an eSIM on his Google Pixel for international calls and texts.

MobileX founder and CEO Peter Adderton discusses how the company is disrupting the wireless carrier space with AI. is a new way to take voice notes and search for the info in them later.

Google is making its AI Magic editing tools free.

Tesla cut the price of its self-driving subscription in half.

Google’s Find My Devices network has launched. AirTag-style trackers hit the market in May.

Rich DeMuro talks about tech news, tips, and gadget reviews and conducts interviews in this weekly show.

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Handy Websites & Pros and Cons of Smartphone Insurance

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Rich DeMuro shares a variety of useful websites, apps, and tech tips to make life easier and more secure. He discusses the importance of online privacy and security, offers advice on smartphone insurance, and explores the challenges and benefits of transitioning to a "dumb phone." The show also features an interview with a digital minimalist who shares insights on reducing screen time and finding balance in a technology-driven world.

Topics Discussed:

- Rich shares several handy websites and apps, such as a Google image generator, a disposable email service, and tools for parsing information from images or text to create calendar events.

- Online privacy and security are crucial, and everyone should take steps to protect themselves, including using strong passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, keeping software up-to-date, and being cautious of phishing attempts.

- When considering smartphone insurance, it's important to weigh the costs and benefits carefully and consider self-insuring by setting aside the monthly premium in a savings account.

- Streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu are starting to crack down on account sharing, and users can expect new features to allow account sharers to start their own subscriptions or add individuals for an additional fee.

- Transitioning to a "dumb phone" can be challenging but rewarding, leading to improved personal relationships, work productivity, and a more balanced lifestyle.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

- Google Image Generator:

- 10 Minute Mail:

- Agenda Hero Magic:

- The Points Guy Awards vs. Cash Calculator:

- BG Eraser:

- Clean Text:

- Who Brings:

- Just Delete Me:

- Redact.Photo:

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Major AT&T Data Breach Details & Gmail Turns 20

Topics covered:

1. Gmail has turned 20 years old and has evolved significantly since its launch on April 1, 2004.

2. AT&T has announced a massive data breach affecting 7.6 million current customers and 65.4 million former customers, with personal information like social security numbers exposed.

3. Instagram is now limiting political content by default ahead of elections, but users can change this in their settings.

4. Google Maps has added new features for summer travel, including recommendation lists from top websites and its own restaurant lists for trending places, top community favorites, and hidden gems.

5. Amazon Pharmacy offers convenient medication delivery, with same-day delivery expanding to more cities and the use of AI to streamline prescription processing and manage medication supply.

6. To photograph the upcoming solar eclipse with a smartphone, use a solar filter, take advantage of burst mode and the ability to shoot video and photos simultaneously, and focus on documenting the scene and people's reactions.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

- to check if your information has been involved in data breaches

- AT& for information on the AT&T data breach

- for an interactive solar eclipse website

- The Eclipse app at for finding places to experience the eclipse and a countdown to totality

- and for Jefferson Graham's smartphone photography tips

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Apple's Antitrust Woes & How DoNotPay Uses AI to Help Consumers Fight Back

Rich explains the antitrust case against Apple.

Tammi asks why Meta’s Messenger is asking her to set up a 6-digit PIN.

Rich attends the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference to learn about assistive technologies for the disability community. InnoCaption. Caption Call. Vibio. PlayStation Access Controller. Monarch. OKO App.

Diana in Torrance wants remote desktop software to access her MacBook Pro remotely. Rich says to check out TeamViewer for free or GoToMyPC for paid. RustDesk is an open-source alternative.

Bruce in Los Angeles is looking for a USB drive that’s over 5 TB. Rich believes this is above most consumer drives, but some expensive professional drives might offer this.

Sara in Ventura says Google Play isn’t working. Rich says to restart your phone, then force close the app and if that doesn’t work you can clear the data and cache for Google Play.

Frank in Ontario is trying to connect his MacBook to multiple screens. This guide will help you find the right combination of connection port, display, and cables.

YouTube has new rules for disclosing AI in videos.

David in Los Angeles is having issues with Apple Maps getting directions when he doesn’t have a good connection. Rich recommends downloading the offline maps for his area. You can do the same on Google Maps by searching “ok maps.”

Jason Rhodes, a senior research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will explain what you need to know about the Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8, 2024. Mentioned: The Planetary Society. Don’t forget to get your eclipse glasses!

Seraphine in Studio City can’t hear her laptop computer speakers very well. Rich recommends a pair of external plug-in speakers or an app called Boom 2.

Did you know you can hum, sing, or talk lyrics into Google, and it will tell you what the song is?

Andrew in Ventura asks why it’s hard to find iTunes purchase history. Rich says to go to or create an email search filter for from:(

Rich mentioned lesser-known tra

How Your Phone Spies on You & WiFi 7 Explained

63 - March 16, 2024

Rich DeMuro talks about tech news, tips, and gadget reviews and conducts interviews in this weekly show.

Airs 11 AM - 2 PM PT on KFI AM 640 and syndicated on 350+ stations nationwide.

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Rich talked about how much data our phones collect on us and how you can check to see which apps access what and revoke these permissions!

Shelly in Seal Beach wants a new laptop to replace her iMac.

A new website called Speedtest Performance from OOKLA helps you find the fastest internet service provider near you based on real-life speed tests.

Dr. Scott J. White, associate professor and director of The George Washington University’s Cybersecurity Program and Cyber Academy, will explain TikTok's security concerns.

Adam in Los Angeles is curious about the difference between a tower PC and a smaller desktop PC.

Roku had a data breach affecting 15,000 users.

Wayne in Yorba Linda is wondering about transferring data to a thumb drive to free up space.

Robert in Roseville, Michigan wants to know if you download TikTok does it infect your phone with spyware? Here’s info on how to delete your account or download the data TikTok has on you.

Kashmir Hill, Technology Reporter at the New York Times, will explain how our cars spy on us.

Airbnb bans indoor security cameras.

Walmart is selling a MacBook Air for $699.

Mike in Royal Oak, Michigan needs help freeing up space on an old Samsung phone. Rich says to check in Settings > Device Care > Storage and also use the Google Files app to clean up storage.

Tom in Eau Clair Wisconsin has an old Android phone that he can’t remember the lock pattern for. It contains thousands of dollars of crypto. You might be able to use Google credentials to unlock it. Rich also mentioned Graykey.

Gary in Irvine has a lot of email attachments he wants to download. Rich says to check out a helper app to help extract attachments.

Dwight Silverman, freelance tech columnist for the Houston Chronicle, will explain what we need to know about WiFi 7.

Google Chrome is

Apple Vision Pro Thoughts & App To Clean Up iPhone

Rich talks about his initial experiences with the Apple Vision Pro.

Once again, there is talk of a TikTok ban in the U.S.

Janice in Redondo Beach hates the update on the Apple Watch and wants to know if she can go back. It’s not easy, but Rich recommends checking out the very thorough User Guide Apple publishes for its products. Open the Books app and search product + user guide and look for the guides published by Apple.

Jose Briones is a “digital minimalist” and runs a website called Resources mentioned: Unpluq and Brick App.

Rod in Los Angeles wants to know the value of updating software and registries.

Mark in Lake Elsinore needs a new cell phone and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. Rich says to check out the OnePlus Nord line and the Pixel 7a.

Meta blamed their two hour outage on a technical issue.

Instagram is upgrading messaging with the ability to edit messages, pin chats to the top of the list and turn off read receipts.

Jenny in San Diego wants to know how to stay connected overseas and is HippocketWiFi a good idea. Rich also mentioned Airalo for eSIMs and Solis Hotspot, but you have to buy it.

Craig in Des Moines wants to know if his Samsung S24 has satellite emergency help. It doesn’t, but Rich recommends going into Settings, then Safety and Emergency, and setting up all the emergency features there. lets you search through millions of old newspapers for events, names and more.

Janko Roettgers, author of the Lowpass newsletter, which talks about the future of entertainment and why you should download VLC.

Richard in Lancaster has a Windows 7 computer and wants security software. Rich says Avast still supports Windows 7 but you need to be aware of the security implications.

Rob is going from a Samsung to an iPhone and wants to transfer his data. Rich says the official Move to iOS app will do the basic job, but Dr. Fone and AnyTrans will give you more control over the process.

iOS 17.4 now has more emoji and podcast transcripts, and you can see more battery information for the iPhone 15 models.

Cathy in Denver wants to know if she should still update her laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 11. It might install, but it might not run smoothly. Here’s the Windows Checker to see.

MacPaw launches the CleanMyPhone App for iPhone to declutter photos.

If you pay for Spectrum TV Select Plus, you can get