CONSPIRACY THEORY vs. CONSPIRACY FACT: Is the State Dept. creating a one...


< br />There's a difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact. "The Democrats' Hydra" premieres tonight at 8PM ET and Glenn has EVIDENCE against the State Department. The News and Why it Matters' Sara Gonzales read the script and was shocked that it's all documented, even on video! The State Department has been fueling the flames of unrest around the world for decades (do the Bay of Pigs, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Benghazi ring any bells?), and it's still happening in South America and Eastern Europe. Could the State Department be pushing for a one-world government? But Adam Schiff and the Democrats still focus on Donald Trump's Ukraine phone call! Trump gave Ukraine the Javelin missiles it needed to fight against Russia while Obama only gave blankets. But when Trump wanted to stop nation-building, the State Department refused. What Obama and Clinton set up is insanity! They say they're passionate about climate change and the border crisis, but they're just USING us! And the whistleblower's name is everywhere, but Schiff is planning to dismiss it all as conspiracy. You MUST watch the special and see the documents. And this must be brought to the Senate! The world is in trouble!

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