Texas Homeowner Shoots And Kills Three Would-Be Burglars


A group of five men picked the wrong home to break into in Houston, Texas. The homeowner opened fire on the intruders forcing them to flee into the night. When police arrived they found one of the men dead near the homeowner's garage, while the rest managed to flee.

One of the suspects fled on foot, while the other three jumped into an SUV and attempted to drive away. They did not get far, crashing into a pole a couple of blocks away. One of the suspects was found dead in the vehicle, while another died after trying to run from the crashed SUV. The other two men were taken to the hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

The homeowner was not injured during the shootout with the armed men and says he was acting in self-defense. Police found dozens of shell casings littering the man's front yard. 

The homeowner was taken to the police station to answer questions about the circumstances around the 1 a.m. shootout. 


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