Couple Left Tip For Housekeeper After Taking Their Lives In New York Hotel

David Koenig, left, and Ellen O’Meara, right

A couple in New York City was found dead in their hotel room after taking their own lives. David Koenig and Ellen O’Meara suffocated themselves using nitrous oxide and a plastic bag after checking into a room at Yotel Hotel in Manhattan. The pair of musicians were reportedly suffering from severe depression before they took their own lives. 

“Their friends were very upset, but not surprised,” a law enforcement source told the New York Post. “It’s almost as if from the first day these two people met they knew they were going to die together.”

The couple left a note, along with $200 for the housekeeper who made the grisly discovery. 

 "Don't look behind the curtain. We're dead. This is for you," the note said. 

The housekeeper went inside and found the bodies along with a more detailed suicide note and a copy of their last will and testament. Police found a copy of the book "Suicide and Attempted Suicide: Methods and Consequences" by Geo Stone under the bed. They had bookmarked the section on suffocation. 


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